Business Administration

By choosing to carry out this NVQ you will complete the following mandatory units:

  • Principles of business 
  • Principles of business communication and information 
  • Communicate in a business environment 
  • Principles of administration 
  • Manage personal and professional development

As well as these units, you will complete four optional units from the following:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of an information system 
  • Contribute to the improvement of business performance  
  • Administer parking and traffic challenges, representations and civil parking appeals 
  • Negotiate in a business environment 
  • Evaluate the provision of business travel or accommodation 
  • Develop a presentation 
  • Manage an office facility  
  • Provide administrative support in schools 
  • Build legal case files
  • Deliver a presentation  
  • Analyse and present business data 
  • Administer statutory parking and traffic appeals 
  • Create bespoke business documents 
  • Administer parking and traffic debt recovery 
  • Manage legal case files  
  • Administer the recruitment and selection process 
  • Handle mail 
  • Organise business travel or accommodation 
  • Provide administrative support for meetings 
  • Prepare text from notes using touch typing 
  • Contribute to the organisation of an event 
  • Employee rights and responsibilities 
  • Prepare text from shorthand 
  • Buddy a colleague to develop their skills 
  • Store and retrieve information 
  • Administer parking dispensations 
  • Administer finance 
  • Prepare text from recorded audio instruction 
  • Administer human resource records 
  • Produce business documentation 
  • Produce minutes of meetings 
  • Resolve administrative problems 
  • Prepare specifications for contracts 
  • Support environmental sustainability in a business environment 
  • Administer legal files  
  • Monitor information systems 
  • Maintain and issue stationery and supplies

As well as three optional units:

  • Manage team performance
  • Participate in a project  
  • Manage individuals' performance 
  • Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes 
  • Manage individuals' development in the workplace 
  • Procure products and/or services 
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace  
  • Implement change 
  • Chair and lead meetings 
  • Bespoke software 
  • Spreadsheet software 
  • Database Software 
  • Word processing software  
  • Using email 
  • Organise and deliver customer service 
  • Resolve customers' complaints 
  • Manage a budget 
  • Develop and maintain professional networks 
  • Manage physical resources 
  • Prepare for and support quality audits 
  • Manage business risk 
  • Manage a project 
  • Develop and implement an operational plan 
  • Encourage innovation
  • Website software 
  • Presentation software 
  • Recruitment, selection and induction practice

As well as two optional units:

  • Principles of digital marketing and research 
  • Principles of marketing stakeholder relationships 
  • Principles of market research 
  • Principles of marketing and evaluation 
  • Understand the customer service environment 
  • Understand the legal context of business
  • Principles of social media within a business 
  • Principles of leadership and management

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