Customer Service

By choosing to carry out this NVQ you will complete the following mandatory units:

  • Organise and deliver customer service 
  • Understand the customer service environment 
  • Resolve customers' problems 
  • Principles of business 
  • Manage personal and professional development
  • Understand customers and customer retention

As well as these units, you will complete four optional units from the following:

  • Develop resources to support consistency of customer service delivery 
  • Use service partnerships to deliver customer service 
  • Resolve customers' complaints 
  • Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback
  • Monitor the quality of customer service interactions 
  • Communicate verbally with customers 
  • Communicate with customers in writing 
  • Promote additional products and/or services to customers 
  • Exceed customer expectations 
  • Deliver customer service whilst working on customers' premises  
  • Deliver customer service to challenging customers 
  • Develop customer relationships 
  • Support customer service improvements 
  • Support customers through real-time online customer service  
  • Use social media to deliver customer service 
  • Champion customer service 
  • Build and maintain effective customer relations 
  • Manage a customer service award programme 
  • Manage the use of technology to improve customer service 
  • Develop a social media strategy for customer service 
  • Support customers using self-service equipment 
  • Provide post-transaction customer service

As well as three optional units:

  • Negotiate in a business environment 
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace 
  • Manage team performance  
  • Manage individuals' performance 
  • Collaborate with other departments 
  • Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales 
  • Obtaining and analysing sales-related information 
  • Buyer behaviour in sales situations 
  • Manage incidents referred to a contact centre 
  • Lead direct sales activities in a contact centre team 
  • Manage diary systems  
  • Contribute to the organisation of an event 
  • Provide reception services
  • Buddy a colleague to develop their skills 
  • Employee rights and responsibilities 
  • Processing sales orders  
  • Bespoke Software

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