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What is a CSCS/CPCS card?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. Having a CSCS card provides proof to employers that you have gained the required qualification for the type of work you carry out onsite.

The CPCS card is the Construction Plant Competence Scheme, and it is more in-depth than the CSCS card scheme. It is for those who work with plant machinery in construction, and, just like the CSCS card, it is there to prove someone's competency before they ever step on the construction site.

What are the CSCS/CPCS card changes?

All employers, contractors and major site operators may require that all on-site workers have a valid CSCS / CPCS card appropriate to their profession and which is relevant to their qualifications.

Skilled trades and management on-site are no longer able to use the green Labourer CSCS Card.

If you do not have the correct card you may be refused access to site.

In order to obtain or renew the correct CSCS / CPCS card it may be necessary to enroll on an NVQ course relevant to your area of work.

In addition, once you are enrolled to your NVQ, you will be able to apply for a red 'experienced worker' CSCS card* whilst working towards the qualification. This will allow you access on site during your NVQ process. Upon completion you will be able to apply for the card appropriate for your profession.

*Experienced worker CSCS card is valid for 1 year and non-renewable.

If you have more questions we have more detailed information on CPCS here and CSCS cards here.

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